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Projects of its own

Focusing on sustainable development, Usinas Itamarati invests in the improvement of life quality of the communities, stimulating social economic development. Apart from partnerships and volunteering, Usinas Itamarati has started several projects of its own.

Kangaroo Project

The Kangaroo Project consists of lectures ministered by a multidisciplinary team with the intent of conscious rising on the importance of healthy pregnancy. The work addresses pregnant women of the neighbouring communities, professionals and daughters of Usina Itamarati’s employees .

Financial Education

Addressed to professionals and community, it orients on the need of planning domestic budget, fostering an increase of income and, consequently, of life quality.

In Love with Life

Lectures for professionals of the company and public school students, informing and sensibilising adolescents about the harm caused by the use of drugs.

Music in the Community

Offers musical education for children and adolescents of the community, fostering musical and cultural education. Aims at improving study results of students with learning difficulties, seeking to affect behavioural and social aspects.

Oral hygiene for children

Promotes preventive lectures and teaches daily teeth brushing and the importance of regular visits to the dentist. Addressed to public schools in the neighbouring communities.

Stars of Denise – Stars of Nova Olímpia (Judo)

Aims at practicing judo as a means to developing socialization, citizenship and thus lay the basis for a healthier life. This project is developed in partnership with the County of Denise (MT), Nova Olímpia (MT) and Gercafi – Recreative Society of Itamarati’s employees.

The Green Lovers Kitchen Garden Project

Seeks to complement school lunches and to raise the consciousness of public school students on the nutritial importance of food. The Kitchen Garden produces vegetables for these children. Another part of the production is for the project sustainability, being sent to the company’s restaurants, enriching the meal of its professionals.